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Delivery options

trainerKinetic offers a variety of options for reaching out to learners. Our model is centered on an instructor-led delivery approach – the most effective method to deliver skills training. When evaluating the design and delivery of an effective training program, choose from the following program models:

  • Open enrollment classes in a Kinetic classroom environment
  • Private classes for your group at Kinetic
  • Private, customized group classes taught on-site in your facility
  • Online group classes conducted at convenient times for your global employees
  • One-on-one or small group consulting designed to address your specific requirements
  • Large group topic demonstrations
  • Roaming consultant sessions – have a Kinetic instructor spend time in your department, meeting with individual learners in your environment and helping out where necessary
  • Custom proprietary classes – Kinetic will design and deliver a custom class and documentation on your proprietary software application
Contact Kinetic to discuss the needs of your organization and to help determine the proper approach to meet your training objectives.
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